Connection Point Colabo Project

Where the hands and feet of our city come together to connect with resources, ministries, talent, time, and spirit. United in one mind and one heart.

If you are a local business, church, non-profit, ministry, etc. that wants to better his or her community through giving back, uniting in unity to see a city tranformed, contact us.  We would love to hear more about how you are making our city a better place to live and lets unite to spread the word.

As of right now, if you would like to donate please visit any of the websites of the organizations, churches or groups that you feel led to donate to and find their donate page.

THE Project

It's not about "A" church, but THE Church coming together in unity for the community and for the cause of Christ.  


What would that really look like?  Would we all link arms together in unity the way that God created us with out prejudice of denomination or opinion.  

Jesus came to set the captives free and He is The Head of This body of believers.  He met us where we were and placed believers in our lives that love Him and are moved by Him to see THE Church be THE Church.  Jesus Himself makes it clear in John 17:22-23 that he is in us.  This will be known through our actions.

We are being called to action.  Our mission is to be the hands and feet of our city and come together to connect with resources, ministries, talent, time, and spirit. United in one mind and one heart through the leading of The Holy Spirit.

God is supernaturally bringing Divine Connections together to make this project possible.  This website is to help facilitate this and house existing ministries, those who feel led to start a ministry, non-profits, as well as help those in need.  You can also find out volunteer opportunities that exist in the community, connect with other believers that are having supernatural events happen in their lives, and so much more.  

Connection Point Colabo Project is a one stop shop for what God is putting on your heart and allows other believers with the same heart and vision to easily connect and come together.  We are THE body of Christ here in the heartland that is ready to come together in unity.  Hebrews 10:24-25 

DISCLAIMER: This is an in work website, which means that resources and other things will continue to be added and upgraded, so be sure that when you hear of a resource, a new upcoming organization, or you have an idea, you let us know! Let's collaborate!

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